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Monday, 5 October 2009

Fairy tale treats

I could not resist posting about this. Two of my favourite things in the world are baths and books, preferably in combination and preferably books of fairy tales. To celebrate the yuletide season Lush, the loveliest purveyors of bath stuff I've ever come across, have released a selection of fairy tale themed bath goodies...

Ladies and gentleman, straight from the Lush website, I introduce:

'Fizz, crackle and pop! A spicy soda scented, crackling candy Bath Ballistic. Ourbrand new Cinders Bath Ballistic is the colour of a glowing ember andit crackles like a warming wood fire, like the one that Cinderellaslept by in the fairy tale. When Mo made this lovely little Ballistic,she added popping candy so it also makes a sound like a burning logs.'

So White
'The fragrance of this lovely Bath Bomb is inspired by the temptingapple a certain wicked stepmother tricked her beautiful stepdaughterinto eating. We assure you however, that this Bath Bomb is not full ofpoison to put you to sleep. It is made with an uplifting fragrance ofrefreshing oranges, apples and romantic rose and is meant to awake youif you've been under a spell (or are just feeling tired). This one isquite a frothy bath as we've grated in some bubble bar mixture, so youcan bathe in apple scented snow and feel fairest of them all.'

Father Frost
'Inspired by chilling Russian folk tales, perfumed with fragrant flowers.
Thisbeautiful new soap which looks like midnight and smells like a gardenof scented blossom. It has a spookily serious fairy tale as itsinspiration, involving a woodcutter, a wicked stepmother, a gooddaughter, a bad daughter and Father Frost, the Lord of Winter, who canfreeze people to death with one icy breath. (We've created his portraitin icy soap on the top of each huge block.) Father Frost's story is amorality tale. Be unselfish and you will be rewarded, perhaps withunexpectedly large pieces of Christmas soap, made with apple juice andcranberries. Be greedy and grasping, and no-one will want to buy you alovely rose and geranium scented soap for Christmas.'

For those with sensitive skins a full listing of the ingredients is available on their website and there are lots more fairy tale goodies to lust after as well. There are Lush shops all over the place - you can see a list of the countries they're in here, or alternatively stick out your nose and follow the intoxicating scent - it wafts its way down busy shopping streets, like a sweet spell, the world over.

And if you'd like to read the tales whilst you're indulging in the bath (once you've printed them off of course!) they are all available on the fantastic SurLaLune:
Snow White
Father Frost

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