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Thursday 23 December 2010

The best place by the fire...

It's a little bit naughty to embed these, I know, but I have tried and tried to get The Storyteller on DVD to no avail (copies of the first DVD release are very rare here and the definitive collection was never released in the UK).

I first watched the series on tv when I when I was seven, then somehow over the years I forgot all about it. When the lovely Faye Durston and Cate Simmons mentioned it to me earlier this year I still couldn't remember it, but the second I saw the opening on YouTube I was transported straight back into this magical world. Below is one of my favourite episodes. I think it's important we share The Storyteller so that he can't be forgotten. Hope you all have a wonderful, warm and happy festive season!

Wednesday 1 December 2010

New Fairy Tales Issue 6 now online

Here's the trailer to tempt you to read...

And here is the issue itself...

(this is a flash version of the magazine, there is also a PDF version available on our website)