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Monday, 22 November 2010

'Happily Ever After' exhibition

'Happily Ever After' an exhibition of work by Su Blackwell opens at the Long and Ryle Gallery on Thursday 25th November and runs until the 18th December, 2010

Su says...
As in many recent works I will be focusing on fairy tales, with their haunting, dream-like atmosphere. This exhibition broadly explores the role of marriage within the fairy tale. In many fairy tales, marriage acts as a kind of a closing sequence for the “happy ending”, simply because it was an expected stage of life for women during the periods in which these tales were first told. In these new works, I question a different type of ending.

And the Long and Ryle site gives an insight into the way Su works...
Using a scalpel she cuts and glues the pages of books to create miniature dioramas glowing with lights in wood and glass boxes, like Victorian relics found in a museum of intrigue. She finds her books – or rather lets them find her – by trawling through second-hand book shops. She always reads the book first and this in turn inspires the work.

If you're in London I urge you to get to the exhibition, but if, like me, you're too far away there are at least lots of wonderful pictures to get lost in on Su's site.

Image: Jorinde and Jorindel, copyright Su Blackwell


  1. But I was in London LAST week! Damn! And it looks so lovely....

  2. I know. I would love to see it. There's a Francesca Woodman exhibition I'm desperate to get down there to see too, if only...

  3. I wish i could, but at least i was lucky enough to see some of Sue's work in Edinburgh last year. Im intrigues by this latest exhibition & its exploration of the theme!

  4. Her work is amazing! Wish I could get over to London...(where's a magic carpet when you need one.)

  5. wow, this is amazing, won't be able to get to London to see it though, shame!

  6. I love fairytales. I feel like I'm living one. :) my blog is my life, fairy-tale style...

  7. I love Su Blackwell's work!! Reminds me of Joseph Cornell's 'Setting for a Fairy Tale'. Happy Christmas Claire!
    Catriona x

  8. Happy Christmas to you too, Catriona, hope you had a lovely one, and all the best for the new year!x

  9. Oh she is so talented! Her work is inspiring!