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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Save our forests

I don't think there's anything this vile coalition government we've ended up with here in the UK could do that would surprise me. So they're penalising the poor and the disabled, making them pay for the mistakes of super-rich bankers, they're slyly dismantling the welfare state under the false pretext of it being for our economic good. George Osborne's cuts will devastate lives across the UK, but not, alas, those of the greedy capitalists and idiotic politicians who got us into this mess. Now, looking round for somewhere else to swing the axe, they've hit upon our forests: they want to sell off more than half of them to private firms. This could mean the destruction of ancient forests to make way for golf courses, holiday parks and commercial logging.

Please consider taking a second to sign this petition. We have to start standing up to them on this and on all their other execrable plans.

Illustration 'Forbidden Forest' by Arthur Rackham via Children's Fantasy Illustrations


  1. The forests that we really want, are like the one that was featured on the clip of Tangled that you posted a while ago. This one:

    ... a broadleaved forest, with glades, and sunlight streaming through the leaves, and long-haired maidens running about, barefoot.

    I don't think that many of the forests owned by the forestry commision look very much like that.

    Go plant a tree.

  2. This Government is a total nightmare! I agree with everything you say! I am a librarian in Cornwall and they propose to cut many libraries.
    Perhaps they will collapse before they reach their idotic targets. Chin up,if only we could send an army of Ents to Westminster Hrrummm!!!

  3. Robur d'Amour: I've never posted a clip of Tangled, I'm not interested in doing Disney's advertising for them.

    I find your assertion, and it's implication that as not all the forests the Forestry Commission oversees resemble a disneyfied forest they are somehow not important, bizarre. All of the forests we're talking about are habitats for wildlife, privatisation would shut the public out of many much-loved landscapes, and I don't think I've ever been in a forest that wasn't beautiful (I'm struggling to imagine an ugly forest). And we're also talking about rules being changed which protect ancient forests like the Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest.

    Angela: what they're proposing for libraries is horrific. Yes, please let them collapse, or else bring on the Ents!!!!

  4. This is absolute madness! We are seeing more and more of governments railroading the people, ignoring what they want and believe in, for the sake of blind greed. The one encouraging sign that I've noticed lately in the face of all of this, is that more and more people, fed up with what's going on, are publicly protesting in the form of such petitions as you've linked to, and open air protests. (In Munich we recently had a huge protest with an estimated 40,000 people showing up in opposition to the government's about-face on their promise to phase out nuclear energy).

    I have a soft spot for forests anywhere, and when I think of Britain, a land which I'm particularly drawn to (perhaps as the land of my ancestors) I can't not think of its beautiful, magical forests. Unfortunately it's not hard to imagine a government so avaricious and, frankly, soul-less these days. I just hope that enough people take a stand in this matter and can sway things.

    I don't usually rant like this (sorry!) but this is such an important issue affecting the very soul of Britain, her history, her people, and her future.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Ps. I'm all for the bringing on of the Ents!

  5. Thank you, Lynn, for your wonderful, heartfelt comment. Yes, it is really encouraging that people are coming together to protest. I knew when I put this post up not everyone would agree with me, but it just feels like we have to speak up for what we believe in at the moment rather than passively watching so much of what we love and care for and need being trampled. Ranting and protest (and Ents!) are definitely called for.

    Also, for anyone interested, this short video, by a Professor of International Political Economy, gives a really clear explanation of the concept of 'austerity', which is suddenly so popular with governments across the world, and explains what is really going on with the cuts.

  6. Couldn't resist putting up a link to this excellent Captain Ska video too, for a musical take on the situation.

  7. Here, here bring on the Ents!! Just spent the afternoon in a beautiful, atmospheric and magical Scottish forest, it was pure soul food. Obviously politicians have no desire to nourish the soul!!!

  8. No, unfortunately it doesn't look like they do. Thanks for commenting, Anthropomorphica, I've just had a lovely time exploring your blog!

  9. Thanks Claire, you're always most welcome there ;)

  10. I am not from the UK (I am American), but I cannot bear the thought of England's forests being destroyed! I pray that this petition will succeed in saving the forests!

    I wish I could sign the petition but because I do not have a UK postal code, I can't. :( So just know that you have support in America!

  11. Hi All,
    Thanks for including the Save Our Forests link.

    I think this is the single most Evil thing a UK government has done in my living memory, simply because there will be almost no money generated, so many people will be deeply upset, and something irreplaceable will be lost for each forest destroyed.

    Sometimes Governments need to make hard decisions sure (and they always make mistakes) but this is such a bad decision, and is being handled in such a careless, heartless and insensitive manner, I can only describe it as Evil.

    Shame on them all. I hope they regret this madness for the rest of their lives.