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Saturday, 26 June 2010

A competition

I've really deliberated over whether to post about this or not. In the end I decided I wasn't comfortable posting about it directly, but I didn't feel happy about not flagging up the opportunity for anyone who might be interested. A UK television and broadband provider (who are part of a multinational media empire) are running a competition looking for tweet length new endings to fairy tales. There are full details posted on the SurLaLune blog here.

The illustration is by the wonderful John Bauer (1882-1918) from the tale 'The Boy and the Trolls, or the Adventure' which is included in Swedish Folk Tales, a book I really treasure (and far be it from me to use my illustration choice to suggest Mr Murdoch is a money grabbing troll, and that one of his companies is simultaneously trying to bag themselves plenty of free advertising via social networking platforms and to associate the use of their services with a 'happily ever after').


  1. Beautiful illustration indeed.

  2. And they all lived happily ever after until they were suddenly and violently run over by a trolley the next week.


    They lived happily ever after to the end of their days, which happened to be the next day, when the suffering proletariat rose up in a horrible and violent revolution.

    Does I wins?

    I also thought of an alternate ending where the Evil Stepmother, frustrated in her designs of ruining Happiness, summons a terrible, ravenous creature called a Murdock, which destroys the earth by devouring people's mind-waves and leaves everyone gibbering idiots. The Happily Ever After part comes in when the Murdock, having grown to incomprehensible size on everyone's minds, retires to Laguna Beach and quietly works on its back swing until Cthulu wakes up and eats it. But I couldn't fit that into the allotted character count--it took at least 156.


    A petition to ask Vince Cable (the UK's Secretary of State for Business) to act in the public's interest and to use his power to stand up to the Murdoch empire.

  4. Hey, I have something for you over on my