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Monday, 31 May 2010

New Fairy Tales: Issue 5

The trailer...

and the issue itself...

We hope you enjoy it!

Visit the website if you'd like to download the PDF version or find out more about New Fairy Tales. And please help us to spread the word about this issue; share the YouTube trailer with friends or 'Like' us on Facebook. Thank you :-)


  1. Gorgeous, Claire--as always, truly first rate. I'll link to it on livejournal.

  2. (I'm slow, but the link is up now--sorry for the delay!

  3. Excellent trailer - magically done.

  4. Looks fab! Will do a post!

  5. how wonderful!
    sending my greatings from my Chest of Fairy Tales( to your cupboard. It was great to find your blog!

  6. Thanks Kate. And greetings to you too Vita, your etsy shop looks lovely!

  7. A magical trailer. I loved it. My half-Lakota, half-Irish mother entralled me with her made-up tales born of both her cultures.

    I wrote my Native American/Celtic fable, THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS, in her honor. One day I will get that volume published.

    I will post you on my blog link.

    Bravo on keeping the magic alive, Roland

  8. Just found you! Love fairy tales. Sounds like my kind of blog. :)