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Friday, 9 April 2010

The instructions you'll need...

... if you ever find yourself in a fairy tale:

The book trailer for Neil Gaiman's forthcoming Instructions, beautifully illustrated by Charles Vess (the direct YouTube link is here).

You can also read the text for the poem in the JoMA archives.


  1. Brilliant Claire, I love it. It made me chuckle too, because I wrote a blog post months ago about the rules of human/faery interaction, and the terrible fact that no-one seems to know them these days...awfully amiss of parents and educational institutions not to arm their children with these important survival guides! I'll add the link if you want to read my little story!

  2. You're welcome Katherine, thanks for commenting. I can't wait for the book to come out. You're right about the rules Christina, they should be part of the curriculum! Great blog post by the way, it's funny to read that you too were a wardrobe lurker, so many of us who are passionate about the fantastic seem to have spent a significant proportion of our childhoods trying to get through the back of wardrobes!