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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Islands that are really giants, and the root child from under a tree

I just wanted to link to this gallery of images selected from the work of Kitty Crowther, the Belgian writer and illustrator who won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Prize this week. The jury said that 'In her world, the door between imagination and reality is wide open. She addresses the reader gently and personally, but with profound effect. In her deeply felt empathy with people in difficulty, she shows ways in which weakness can be turned into strength. '

Judging by these few images there is a definite feel of the fairy tale to her work, which includes 2009 picture book Annie du Lac, which tells the story of Annie and three islands in a lake that turn out to be giants, and enfant racine (2003), which tells the story of Leslie who lives alone in a forest and meets a root child. I'd love to get my hands on these books!

The images in the post are book covers taken from here.

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